Breathwork Medicine

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  • 100% Online
  • Level: Beginner
  • Total Time: 5 weeks, 4-5 hours per week. Approximately 25 hours total.

  • Video Masterclasses: 4 Hours
  • Healing Experiences: 5
Your breath is one of the most powerful healing tools you have! In this transformational course, learn the foundational principles of breathwork. Learn about conscious connected breath, breathing for healing, breathing into your highest self and breathwork mastery. This course meets you where you are at and will help you to begin or deepen a daily breathwork practice.
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Learn to heal yourself through your breath...

Our training provides you with the knowledge and skills you need to confidently lead yourself through a 4 week breathwork program for healing. You can also integrate the tools in this course into a professional healing practice supporting others to heal.

Video Masterclasses

Our masterclasses are deep & comprehensive opportunities to dive deep into course material in a lively format.

Practical Daily Healing Program

Travel through 4 weeks of daily deeply transformative healing meditative, healing breathwork experiences that you can return to over and over again to cleanse & purify your mind, body & spirit.

Deep Detoxification

In this course you clear low vibrational energy from your field & simultaneously activate your cells through your breath & attention to the light.

Tina Marie Bertoli

Healer, Angelic Channel, Lead Instructor



Clients & Students
Tina Marie is a gifted healer, Angelic Channel, International Speaker, & Goddess Oracle. She is a Reiki and IET® Master Trainer, Certified Past Life and Crystal Healer, she is also a IKYTA Kundalini Yoga Instructor and creator of the I AM Rising Podcast and Goddess Warriors Rising Program. 

Tina Marie created and maintained a thriving spiritual healing practice and professional work for over a decade. She is an accomplished energy healer and has extensive training in the healing arts.

She was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer and had to meet death face to face. The growth rate of the cancer was so intense that she had to learn how to surrender every step of the very long way. She had to meet all of the lower denser energies within herself and fall in love with her shadow.

She has been through hell and back and by the grace of GOD has been shown the most illuminating Christ Light and experienced the most beautiful frequencies of Unconditional Love and Immaculate Grace. She now has the vision and vibration to empower others and help unify and amplify harmonization for this Beloved New Earth we are stepping into together. 
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