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In the words of our students,

I now have a solid daily spiritual practice | Incredible. Intense. Freeing.  | helped tremendously with stress | helped me stay grounded

"I do shamanic journey work & have already found my dream team. The meditation from this helped me to meet a new guide & get me in the frame to connect with this guide outside of how I normally do. My guide helped me remember my purpose & connection to animals which will help me stay grounded & more connected to the work I do with animals."
Emily B.
Program: Integrative Energy Healing
Course: Energy Healing 101
August 7, 2023
"What emerged for me was to focus on my client's healing and less in the healing modalities I've acquired & learned. Yes, they are great to have in my toolbox, but they are only tools.
The focus should be primarily on analyzing the spiritual & physical anatomy & components of their issues and problems, conducting research, & selecting the best choice from my list of solutions & methods.
This module helped me reframe my thoughts about how to approach a healing process in a more realized and scientific way, yet in-tune to my Soul's purpose and mission."
Daisy M.
Program: Integrative Hypnosis Certification
Course: Energy Healing 101
October 23, 2023
"I learned that I can handle what life throws at me. The meditations and experience with the violet flame have helped tremendously with stress."
Jamie P.
Program: Crystal Healing Certification
Course: Energy Healing 101
November 1, 2023

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