DNA Activation 101

Experience healing and move through an in depth training program.

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Activate your DNA!

Learning Format

Stream Audio & Video, Read and Participate in Discussions

Healing Modalities

Stream Audio & Video, Read and Participate in Discussions.


11 weeks


payments plans from $41/month

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Activate your DNA.

This course provides you with a comprehensive exploration of your DNA and Epigenome AND leads you through the first part of a DNA Activation & Attunement program that you can return to over and over again.

Video Masterclasses

Our masterclasses are deep & comprehensive opportunities to dive deep into course material in a lively format.

Energy Healing Attunements

Receive 3 In person DNA Activations & Attunements and 14 meditative, hypnotic energy healing experiences and custom intuitive musical experiences recorded at 432 hz. This course is a mini toolbox that you can return to over and over again on your healing journey. (The music in this video is a sample of the music from our course!)

Personal Transformation

You have invisible support system surrounding you at all times. The more time that you spend cultivating a relationship with the light within you and surrounding you at all times, the more you will feel supported by the light in your experience on Earth.

What's included?

  • 5 Video Masterclasses
  • 3 In Person Virtual Activations & Attunements 
  • 14 Hypnotic, Meditative Energy Healing Experiences
  • Course E-Textbook: Chakra Healing for Transcendent Health
  • Lifetime Access to Course Portal

Group Coaching & Multidimensional Healing Library (value $468 annually)

  • 35+ hypnotic, meditative energy healing experiences to supplement the healing you do in the course.
  • Monthly Group Coaching

Earn Credit towards Certification

When you enroll in a course, you are automatically entered into our Indigo Pathway program. We track what you complete and manage your credits within a Student Account Portal. When you are ready to enroll in a certification program, apply credits earned to your program. This allows you to work towards certification one course at a time!
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Prerequisite: Energy Healing 101

DNA Activation requires that you go through an intensive energy healing process to prepare your subtle energy field and mind for the work we do in this course. Before you enroll in DNA Activation 101, you must first enroll in Energy Healing 101. This course leads you through a daily energy healing program that will detoxify your mind, body, and spirit.
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