4 Courses.
12 Months.
Repeat Forever.

DNA holds patterns from your past and the past of your ancestors.

DNA is also dynamic.
It changes in each moment, it radiates energy through the patterns embedded in it. It is a chemical formation that creates instructions that direct all cellular response in your body.

Activating your DNA strands is an energetic & therapeutic process that brings deep healing. DNA Activation repairs damaged cells and awakens dormant cells. 

The activation of your DNA also results in the activation of your lightbody.

Our healing model leads you through daily practices to maintain a peak state of energetic health prior to and after the activation process. Just like your muscles require daily exercise to stay strong - your DNA needs a daily healing routine for fuel for your newly activated lightbody. 

DNA Activation & Attunement

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Energy Healing

Train in evidence-based energy healing and learn epigenetics as a scientific basis for DNA Activation..

DNA Activations & Attunements

10 - 90 Minute Attunements

Group Coaching

Monthly Check-In

Optional Certification Track

DNA Activation Practitioner Certificate

4 Courses, 12 Months

In this 12 month program you can expect to experience:

  • Assisted healing from chronic, degenerative and terminal illness & disease
  • Healing & realignment of brain
  • Stronger mental & emotional health
  • Healing of organs, tissues & muscles
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Increased physical energy & clarity
  • Improved decision making
  • Deepening of confidence in your natural gifts

What this program includes:

Experience one-on-one healing & training in energy healing from anywhere in the world! This 12 - month online program integrates meditation, hypnosis, energy healing & breathwork. 

Our DNA Activation & Attunement & Merkaba Activation process facilitates restructuring of your epigenome, activation of dormant DNA and stimulates all cellular response in your body. 

This comprehensive program is deeply healing and instructional. It is like an exercise program, completing it once feels good, committing to doing it over and over again is life-changing. You can repeat it over and over, to experience DNA Activation & Attunement and the activation of your Merkaba. 

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Treatment Programs

In this program, you will meet virtually individually & in small in-person groups for a treatment program:

1. DNA Activation & Attunement Healing Program

Energy Attunements

In this program you will move through a series of 22 Attunements. Energy attunements are a standard practice in the training of energy healing modalities. They help you to progressively activate & attune your subtle energy field to a frequency that supports you in healing work.:

  • 10 DNA Activations & Attunements
  • 12 Chakra Activations & Attunements


This program has an OPTIONAL certification track. If you opt for certification in this program you will receive a total of 2 certificates:

1. DNA Activation & Attunement Certificate

2. DNA Activation & Attunement Master Practitioner Certificate (Optional with Certification Track Only)

In the words of our students...

We welcome students from all over the world into our thriving international community!
Our current student body includes 68 women and men across the U.S.A., Canada, the U.K. & Australia.

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‘What emerged for me was to focus on my client's healing and less in the healing modalities I've
acquired & learned. 

Yes, they are great to have in my toolbox, but they are only tools. The focus should be primarily on analyzing the spiritual & physical anatomy & components of their issues and problems, conducting research & selecting the best choice from my list of solutions & methods.

This helped me reframe my thoughts about how to approach a healing process in a more realized and scientific way, yet in-tune to my Soul's purpose and mission.'

- Daisy M.

Integrative Hypnosis Certification Program
'I agree with Aimee regarding the active meditation. Everyday [I} hear the meditations in the morning [while] I'm preparing to go to work. Also, I [listen to] it in my car in my round trip to work. The books assign[ed] in this course I [found] in audio. For me is [easier] because I'm a full time worker.

The weekends are my days to study and some days in a week. I try to be updated in all my courses because I have the commitment. I really love and enjoy my courses.'

- Carmen B.
Integrative Hypnosis Certification Program

'With all the intense solar energy flowing through our 3D realities this week and weekend, it was hard not to feel slightly derailed. Alot surfaced this week bringing feelings of limitations and lack. Remaining present was key in riding several waves that tried to capsize me over the last few days.

The Golden Orb of light was essential for me as well this week. The ability to feel the divine light in this physical vessel truly helps in transcending some of these limiting beliefs that kept appearing before me.

I was able to see and understand that I am not my situation, but the experiencer of it, therefore I am fully capable of healing these feelings of lack through my inner reflection. Although I can't control all things physically, I have full control of my reactions to any limitations or setbacks.'

- Gina O.
Integrative Energy Healing Certification Program

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Aimee Rebekah Shea

I am a Holistic Therapist, Hypnotherapist, USUI Reiki Master, meditation artist & educator. Over the past 18 years my professional practice of energy healing, hypnosis, spiritual healing & meditation has changed my life. 

I founded and am the current executive director of Indigo International - the nonprofit that operates Pleiadian Institute. I love the healing process and figuring out the best way to deliver that healing to people who need it the most.

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A Letter From Your Instructor...

I am grateful you have found your way here. I am your guide through this transformational program. 

Over the past decade DNA Activation has changed my life and my professional practice. It introduced me to breathwork and to the ancient mystery school practice of working with the seven sacred Rays of light. It has helped me to clear energetic patterns from the past incarnations of my soul. It has supported my physical, mental & emotional health more so than any other modality I have practiced or experienced!

I am also a teacher and a curriculum designer and I weave those skills together in this program to provide you with a beautiful structure for the deepest healing potential to unfold. I have put together this program integrating energy healing, hypnosis & training in basic scientific concepts and mystery school teachings to help you to both move into a full experience of an activated lightbody with me and to learn about how it is happening.

Everyone that I have ever led through this process was 'called' to it. This is one of those modalities that we are intuitively led to. My purpose is to inspire you as you learn the nuance of DNA Activation and working with the light in your healing practice. I am honored to be able to work shoulder to shoulder in this sacred healing work with others who are called to it!

I am with you in Spirit!

Aimee Rebekah Shea
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