Healers of the Past 101

Journey through sound, energy healing & hypnosis...

Learn about ancient healing practices & connect with the Spirit of your ancestors!

Through breathwork, hypnosis, energy healing and meditation - train in healing practices of our ancestors. When you honor the ancient civilizations of our Earth, you align with their wisdom.  There have been many records left behind by our ancestors here on Earth that help us to understand the healing potential we all have!

Our ancestors lived deep in alignment with their spiritual heritage.
By studying their practices and healing models we can awaken within our minds the true potential of spiritual & energetic healing today. 

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Hypnosis, Energy Healing & Meditation

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Past Life Regression
Indigenous Lemurian Wisdom
Atlantean Healing
Peruvan Curanderas and Shamanism
Celtic Healing
Jesus the Healer
Week 2

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a healing experience in which you can allow your conscious mind to relax enough so that your souls’s memories - which lie in your subconscious mind – are reawakened and remembered.

The goal of working with your past lives is always to bring healing to a current life circumstance. Realizing that your problems have much deeper roots - beyond this lifetime – is the key to healing yourself on a much deeper level.  
Week 3

Indigenous Lemurian Wisdom

Lemurians were known to be the ancestors of the human race, their form was much different than the human form we take today.

They spoke through sound and telepathy. Through breathwork, hypnosis and energy healing - open to receive Indigenous Lemurian wisdom. This week you will be led through a process to connect with the spirit of our ancestors through a purity of mind and body. 
Week 4

Atlantean Healing

The Atlanteans teach us how to work together to harness this energy for change, for the advancement of humanity and in preparation for our ascension into 5th dimensional consciousness.

This week learn about the published history that exists on the Atlanteans. You will also be led though a hypnotic healing experience into a past life experience your soul has had in Atlantis. Awaken a remembrance of specific wisdom that you can weave into your current healing practice. 
Week 5

Peruvian Curanderas and Shamanism

Peruvian curanderas, often referred to as traditional healers or shamans, play a vital role in the rich tapestry of indigenous healing practices in Peru.

Rooted in ancient traditions that predate the Inca civilization, curanderas are esteemed for their deep connection to the spiritual realm and their ability to facilitate physical and emotional healing. These practitioners draw on a holistic approach, combining herbal remedies, ritualistic ceremonies, and energetic therapies to address a wide array of ailments.

Learn about the spiritual practices of indigenous curanderas and experience a neo-shamanic journey inspired by peruvian healing ceremonies to connect with the wisdom of a plant spirit.

Week 6

Celtic Healing

Celtic healing, rooted in the ancient traditions of the Celtic people, encompasses a rich tapestry of spiritual beliefs, herbal remedies, and holistic practices. The Celts have healing traditions deeply intertwined with their connection to nature, spirituality, and the unseen forces believed to influence health and well-being.

Central to Celtic healing is the concept of balance and harmony between the physical, mental, and spiritual realms.

This week you will learn Celtic healing philosophy, specific healing practices of the Druids and and introduction to Celtic symbology. Through a neo-shamanic journey you will experience a form of modern Celtic healing.
Week 7

Jesus the Healer

Jesus Christ's role as a healer is a central aspect of his earthly ministry, reflecting both compassion and divine power. Throughout the Gospels, numerous instances portray Jesus as a miraculous healer, addressing various physical and spiritual afflictions. His healing ministry went beyond mere physical restoration; it encompassed a profound spiritual and emotional healing as well.

This week you will learn about healing through the Christ Light. You will journey through sound and hypnosis into an energy healing experience where you connect with Sananda, the spiritual name for Jesus Christ in his ascended form. 

Follow our process & feel supported.

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In the words of our students...

We welcome students from all over the world into our thriving international community!
Our current student body includes 68 women and men across the U.S.A., Canada, the U.K. & Australia.

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‘What emerged for me was to focus on my client's healing and less in the healing modalities I've
acquired & learned. 

Yes, they are great to have in my toolbox, but they are only tools. The focus should be primarily on analyzing the spiritual & physical anatomy & components of their issues and problems, conducting research & selecting the best choice from my list of solutions & methods.

This helped me reframe my thoughts about how to approach a healing process in a more realized and scientific way, yet in-tune to my Soul's purpose and mission.'

- Daisy M.

Integrative Hypnosis Certification Program
'The angel therapy portal... and the past life regression were my favorite. I enjoyed the meditations and the visualizations that followed it.

The reading has been great for the whole course. I like how for the Interior Castle there are the book talks that go along with it.

I took the Lemuria masterclass and I really enjoyed how their was a bit of a documentary in there!'

- Sarah W.
Integrative Energy Healing Certification Program

'With all the intense solar energy flowing through our 3D realities this week and weekend, it was hard not to feel slightly derailed. Alot surfaced this week bringing feelings of limitations and lack. Remaining present was key in riding several waves that tried to capsize me over the last few days.

The Golden Orb of light was essential for me as well this week, the ability to feel the divine light in this physical vessel truly helps in transcending some of these limiting beliefs that kept appearing before me.

I was able to see and understand that I am not my situation, but the experiencer of it, therefore I am fully capable of healing these feelings of lack through my inner reflection. Although I can't control all things physically, I have full control of my reactions to any limitations or setbacks.'

- Gina O.
Integrative Energy Healing Certification Program

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Aimee Rebekah Shea

I am a Holistic Therapist, Hypnotherapist, USUI Reiki Master, meditation artist & educator. Over the past 18 years my professional practice of energy healing, hypnosis, spiritual healing & meditation has changed my life. 

I founded and am the current executive director of Indigo International - the nonprofit that operates Pleiadian Institute. I love the healing process. I also love California, hiking, rollerblading, cooking, birds, cats and spending time with my family and my crystals at home.

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A Letter From Your Instructor...

When we study the past it illuminates treasures in the form of new insight into the present moment. We become more appreciative of what we have now. This always provides clarity in the steps to take to move forward into the future on the highest vibrational plane. When we connect with our spiritual ancestors we activate their wisdom in our own minds. 

It may seem counterintuitive to go to the past to heal the present. However, many of us are carrying generational trauma that has existed for hundreds and thousands of years on our Earth. I have guided hundreds of people through Past Life Regression experiences individually in hypnosis sessions and in groups. What I know for certain is that there is almost always a spontaneous healing that comes from Past Life Regression that is tied to something the person has going on in their PRESENT life.

In my professional healing work, I have been blessed to have practiced leading healing ceremonies for the past 18 years. I use hypnosis to lead groups of people into altered states of consciousness for healing. In a hypnotic state, your brain will find it easier to open to connect to the wisdom of your ancestors through sounds and words tuned to a specific frequency.

In this healing vortex, I have both experienced and witnessed healing miracles on multiple occasions! This is why I love this work. Everytime I journey into ceremony a fresh transformation happens. I never get a feeling of 'I've done this before'. With this work, each time we journey, we release stagnant energy, rebalance our mind, emotions and energy fields and open more fully to our truth. 

This course is a synthesis of my work and leads you through a program of energy healing, hypnosis and guided meditation with solfeggio frequencies. We travel through sound in trance deep into a wide open space to connect with the Spirit of our ancestors.

You will be led through a daily healing practice in this course that integrates neo-shamanic journeys you can return to over and over again. In this way together we spend all seven weeks of this course deepening our connection with the Spirit of our ancestors. It is a beautiful and deeply rewarding process! 

When we connect to the spirits of our ancestors in spirit, we tap into a wisdom and power and clarity that our souls are yearning for.

My purpose is to inspire you to embody the light and the wisdom of our ancestors in your healing practice.

I am with you in Spirit!

Aimee Rebekah Shea
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