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Bring Your Attention to Spirit. Bring Your Attention to the Light.

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The light is omnipresent & takes many forms. 
All of our healing experiences work through the light. Explore all of the ways the light manifests as Spirit. You will always experience an introduction to a different angel, archangel, ascended master, being of light or elemental spirit. Each experience is designed to help you rise into the highest expression of your light on Earth!

Increase your life-force,
cleanse energy & gain mental clarity.

Blast of high vibe energy that I was running around my home...Positive mind and vibes today, felt the need to spend time outside and walk along the beach. Each step I took was mindful and of expressing my gratitude of all the wonderful things in my life. Meditated with Violet Flame & visualized the transmutation of all the challenges since my spiritual awakening and letting the darkness of my past go. I am moving forward,
Dawn, British Columbia


Optimize your energy levels 24/7

Listen daily to align with your highest state of health, activate your life-force, strengthen your intuitive mind and cultivate inner peace through self-hypnosis, energy healing & meditation.
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Real people. Real stories.

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I realized how much I am capable of handling while my husband was out of town and I took care of our 3 children alone. The tire went flat, I got a ticket, there were thunderstorms all week, all in the midst of managing my new business. There was a calm, peace, stability despite it all.
Anonymous, California
As someone whose very sensitive and affected by things on a deep level, I felt so grateful to learn about the violet flame and to read about it in Violet Flame to Heal Body, Mind and Soul. I have been meditating and visualizing a metamorphosis of old, unwanted energy being transmuted into something loving and it’s allowed me to focus my energy on being creative and finding peace and solace during my day.
Emily, Oregon
Working with the blue light and AA Michael was profoundly moving. I have never connected with him in regards to my chakras before and am excited to work with him in this new way. I realised I still have alot of work to do on my second chakra. I found your writing in Chakra Healing for Transcendent Health super inspiring and beautiful. 
Tiffany,  United Kingdom
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