Spiritual Relationships 101

Every relationship is one with spirit and every relationship is ultimately a relationship with yourself. Learn how to work with elemental spirits including fairies and unicorns, animal spirit guides, deceased loved ones, ascended masters, the Goddess, Guardian Angels and Archangels, light beings from other dimensions and energy of our cosmos in the zodiac.

Spiritual Relationships is a foundational course in the Integrative Spiritual Therapy curriculum. The course is designed to help you both understand and experience the essential practices and principles at the core of Intuitive Development.

Through a unique combination of hypnotic & meditative energy healing experiences, masterclasses & sacred discussions this course weaves together a supportive web that results in a synergy of learning & healing.

Spiritual Relationships 101 takes place over 7 weeks and includes a unique combination of video masterclasses, hypnotic & meditative energy healing experiences, reading, interactive discussions and group coaching that allow for an in-depth synthesis of learning. 
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Your intuition is a superpower when you are a clear channel

This course leads you through 9 masterclasses & deep meditative healing experiences to form a foundation for healthy spiritual relationships and intuitive work.

All hypnotic energy healing experiences are recorded at 432 hz., a solfeggio frequency to align you with the heart of Mother Earth.


Learn how to qualitatively define the realms of the unseen world and in depth intuitive practices in a 5-part masterclass series. A unique combination of in depth masterclasses present you with a model to understand how your intuition works, how to gain intuitive clarity, work with your intuitive genius and the spiritual elements of the Earth to ground & protect you.. 


Travel through 8 deeply transformative healing hypnotic, meditative, energy healing experiences!

Return to an easy to follow program of daily meditative, hypnotic energy healing experiences over and over again to strengthen your intuitive mind!

Experience custom intuitive musical experiences recorded at 432 hz. guide you to deepen your connection with your healing gemstones.

This course is designed to be a toolbox that you can return to over and over again on your healing journey.


In this course you learn an in depth method for working with your intuitive mind to activate a higher lifeforce and experience increased physical, mental & emotional vitality.

Upon completion of this course you can apply tuition & academic credit towards any of our integrative therapy programs & train as a practitioner.

What's included?

  • Video Masterclasses
  • Hypnotic, meditative energy healing experiences
  • Course E-Textbook: Chakra Healing for Transcendent Health
  • Lifetime Access to Course Portal

Group Coaching & Multidimensional Healing Library (value $468 annually)

  • 35+ hypnotic, meditative energy healing experiences to supplement the healing you do in the course.
  • Monthly Group Coaching

Earn Credit towards Certification

When you enroll in a course, you are automatically entered into our Indigo Pathway program. We track what you complete and manage your credits within a Student Account Portal. When you are ready to enroll in a certification program, apply credits earned to your program. This allows you to work towards certification one course at a time!
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