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Become an USUI Reiki Practitioner

Reiki is the Japanese phrase for “universal life energy,” also described as, “God-power.” 

Reiki is channeled through the practitioner’s hands for self-treatment or treatment of others. The result of receiving Reiki is enhanced physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

The USUI system of Reiki Healing is a hands-on healing practice. This training includes:

* A 4 week daily schedule of healing experiences and a clear step-by-step system to opening up to universal life energy and channel it.

* A philosophy of life that is a strong foundation to any professional work you do as a healer, counselor or healthcare professional. 
* Reiki Attunements I and II develop mental clarity, expand your consciousness, improve your ability to visualize and create inner peace.

This 4 week training in Reiki I/II includes a series of healing experiences that you can return to over and over.

What You'll Learn.

USUI Reiki I
Reiki Attunements
Becoming a Practitioner
Week 1

USUI Reiki I

Learn about the history of Reiki, an Introduction to Reiki including:

- The Reiki Principles
- The basics of a Reiki Treatment
- Japanese Reiki Techniques
- Energetic Anatomy
- Hatsurei-Ho, Gassho meditation
- Hado Kokyu-ho

This week culminates in your Reiki I Attunement, which you will receive in-person (or virtually) with your Reiki Master.

Week 2


Learn about the core delivery system of Reiki including:

- Reiki II Symbols
- Mawashi Reiki
- Cleansing, Grounding and Protection
- Distance Healings
- Journey to Meet Your Reiki Guide

This week culminates in your Reiki I Attunement, which you will receive in-person (or virtually) with your Reiki Master.

Reiki Attunements

In 2024 all USUI Reiki Attunements will happen during our virtual retreats. The virtual retreats take place over two days, and you will meet in person with your USUI Reiki Master and receive your USUI Reiki Attunements I and II. 

The retreat has a small additional cost associated with it. However, we have multiple ways to help current students to pay for it.

We provide Retreat Grants that covers 85% of the retreat cost. We also have a workstudy program that students can participate in to pay for tuition and retreat costs. Click the image to view upcoming dates for the 2024 virtual retreats. 

Becoming a Practitioner

In the Reiki tradition, you receive an attunement once and are a Reiki practitioner for life. However, in our programs, you can come back and receive your Reiki attunements again and again. After each Reiki attunement you will feel deep shifts and a greater and greater ability to be a conduit for the light of Reiki with each attunement. 

Reiki began before the advent of modern technology. It began before we had electromagnetic frequencies entering our fields from all directions, it began before we had somewhere between 5,000 and 8,000 satellites (as of 2022) orbiting Earth. We just all need more support now to be in a pure state than ever before.  

Once you receive your first Reiki I/II/III & Master attunements with us, you can return to receive attunements again as often as you feel that you need to be recharged as you progress through your personal and/or professional work in Reiki.

The Process.

  • 4 Video Masterclasses
  • 15+ Hypnotic, Meditative Energy Healing Experiences
  • 1 Course E-Textbook: Chakra Healing for Transcendent Health
  • 2 USUI Reiki PDF Guidebooks
  • Lifetime Access to Course Portal

Reiki I and II Attunements

Receive 2 in-person USUI Reiki Attunements and move through 4 meditative energy healing experiences and custom intuitive musical experiences to support you in integrating the light into your body and mind.

Attunements are with your Reiki Master. 

USUI Reiki Certificate

Upon successful completion of this course and receiving of the Reiki I & II Attunements, you will receive a USUI Reiki Practitioner Certificate! We are also committed to supporting you after certification.

This is only the beginning! Meet with us monthly in our Free Virtual Reiki Healing Clinics to practice giving and receiving Reiki with practitioners around the world!

Group Coaching & Multidimensional Healing Library (value $468 annually)

35+ hypnotic, meditative energy healing experiences to supplement the healing you do in the course.

In the words of our students...

We welcome students from all over the world into our thriving international community!
Our current student body includes 68 women and men across the U.S.A., Canada, the U.K. & Australia.
‘What emerged for me was to focus on my client's healing and less in the healing modalities I've
acquired & learned. 

Yes, they are great to have in my toolbox, but they are only tools. The focus should be primarily on analyzing the spiritual & physical anatomy & components of their issues and problems, conducting research & selecting the best choice from my list of solutions & methods.

This helped me reframe my thoughts about how to approach a healing process in a more realized and scientific way, yet in-tune to my Soul's purpose and mission.'

- Daisy M.

Integrative Hypnosis Certification Program
'Everyday [I} hear the meditations in the morning [while] I'm preparing to go to work. Also, I [listen to] it in my car in my round trip to work. The books assign[ed] in this course I [found] in audio. For me is [easier] because I'm a full time worker.The weekends are my days to study and some days in a week. I try to be updated in all my courses because I have the commitment. I really love and enjoy my courses.'

- Carmen B.
Integrative Hypnosis Certification Program

'With all the intense solar energy flowing through our 3D realities this week and weekend, it was hard not to feel slightly derailed. Alot surfaced this week bringing feelings of limitations and lack. Remaining present was key in riding several waves that tried to capsize me over the last few days.

The Golden Orb of light was essential for me as well this week, the ability to feel the divine light in this physical vessel truly helps in transcending some of these limiting beliefs that kept appearing before me.

I was able to see and understand that I am not my situation, but the experiencer of it, therefore I am fully capable of healing these feelings of lack through my inner reflection. Although I can't control all things physically, I have full control of my reactions to any limitations or setbacks. Cause everything unfolds in Divine timing.'

- Gina O.
Integrative Energy Healing Certification Program

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Reiki Master
Aimee Rebekah Shea

Your Instructor

I am an USUI Reiki Master. Over the past 18 years my professional practice of energy healing, hypnosis, spiritual healing & meditation has changed my life. 

I am a practicing holistic therapist, hypnotherapist, meditation artist & educator. I founded and am the current executive director of Indigo International - the nonprofit that operates Pleiadian Institute.

Read Aimee's Full Biography
A Letter From Your Instructor...
Both Jesus and the Goddess are at the center of the USUI Reiki tradition. Mikao USUI traveled into the mountains of Japan to open to receive wisdom from God about how Jesus healed. The ancient tribes  that worshiped Sekhmet practiced the earliest version of Reiki, known today as Sekhem. The USUI Reiki system that we teach today is an evolution of his direct downloads during meditation about how Jesus healed. 

The Christ light & the light of the Goddess are our ultimate teachers in working with the light of Reiki. 

This is the strength of lightwork in it's purest form. 

USUI Reiki's strength is that it's a process to follow that is specific and measurable. There is an increasing amount of clinical research supporting the use of Reiki for surgery, chronic disease and pain.  You can use it to heal yourself and you can share it with others.

Reiki is a true gift to us as humans. It provides us with a structure to simultaneously focus and open to become conduits of the light. I am honored to be passing along this wisdom to you in this course! 
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