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Financial Aid

Are you called to dedicate your life to sharing holistic health practices?

Are you seeking a community to foster your professional growth? 

Are you ready to take your personal and professional healing practice to the next level?

Do you need financial support?

Our healing certification programs teach evidence-based holistic healing practices and provide you with tools, training coaching & mentoring to support you in starting and building your career as a holistic health professional.

Our transpersonal & preventative healthcare model is delivered within a community of light. We honor the wisdom of our ancestors & support you in the creation & maintenance of a peak state of energetic health.

From this place, we all do our best work.

Unity is strength.
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The Indigo Health Foundation provides all award money for our 2023 school year for students.

  • We favor applicants who are able to clearly and passionately express their vision for the future.
  • We favor applicants who are called to bring energy healing, crystal healing, spiritual healing and or hypnosis practices into their communities and/or to people around the world.

  • Scholarships & Grants provide support for up to 87% of tuition costs. Therefore, after the Scholarships & Grants are awarded, there is a small tuition balance due. We work students to break the remaining balance up into small payments.

  • If you are unable to make any tuition payments, explore our Workstudy Program.

To be eligible, you must be committed to beginning a career and/or professional development in energy healing, spiritual healing and/or hypnosis.

STEP I. Complete the application. The online application process will involve answering a number of essay questions. The application will cover topics such as: academic history, career objectives, professional and volunteer experience, educational and professional goals.

STEP II. Award notifications are sent out on a rolling basis during our academic calendar year. It can take between 24 hours to 14 days to receive a response if you are awarded.

Review Criteria
Each eligible application will be reviewed by the Indigo Health Foundation Scholarship Committee.
Applications will be evaluated based on the following:

1. Commitment to holistic healing as a profession.
2. Clarity and completeness of thought, clear and concise written communication.
3. Completeness of application.
4. Volunteer, academic, work and/or leadership experience.
5. Vision for the future.
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Financial Aid Options

Our Financial Aid Spectrum Program is funded by Indigo Education Foundation. Their commitment is to help holistic health professionals with a financial need complete accredited certification & training. It has been the biggest blessing to our school to have this continued funding.


Scholarships provide financial support for our certification programs that help you reach your professional goals. 


Grants are awarded to people who are called to serve a specific group including women, LGBTQ, and people healing from addiction, domestic violence and brain injury or disease.


Indigo Health Foundation operates a work-study program for Pleiadian Institute students who need a solution to pay tuition. Our Workstudy Program has a 2 year waiting list and is accepting applications for Fall 2025.

In the Words of Our Students

This product is a great tool to learn the basics of business and marketing. It provides a great overview of the field, and it is taught in an easy to understandable manner. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is interested in a career in this field.

Brenda Bering

The online products of your school are extremely valuable. I have rarely seen such a comprehensive overview of marketing and it's regulations in such a compact and well-organized format. Thank you for the information, it was well explained and organized.

Shannon Bernhard

The products were informative and interesting. I felt my knowledge expanded considerably throughout the progression of them and I’m thrilled to have finished and achieved the certificate. I was actually worried at first that I would not cope as I don’t have a solid business background and knew very little about it. However, as we progressed my confidence built.

Mark Miller

I started the program with no knowledge in all the subjects, and at the end of the program I felt completely confident to take on the exams. Also, I found this format very efficient and flexible for students who work full-time and have other responsibilities. As soon as I got my certificate, I got hired immediately at a well known company.

Josh Stobbard

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